Perfect Strand Hair Extensions Training

If you want to train to fit micro loop or pre-bonded hair extensions then look no further. This simple yet effective training course will provide you all the tools you need to set up and start your own hair extensions business, or provide you with another service to offer alongside other beauty treatments you may already do.

The cost of the course is 600.00 which you would effectively make back in your first two clients! Or you could enter into partnership with a friend for a reduced rate of 20% off!!!!

If you would like to book a course please call 07912089733, or alternatively send an e-mail or fill in the booking form on the contact page with any further questions you may have.

The above course can also be taken as one method, IE just micro loops or just pre bonding for a discounted rate. Please email for details

Guide Price: 600

Delivery: Other
Category: Fast Track Hairdressing »
Duration: 1 day intensive training
Qualification: Perfect Strand Hair Extensions Training

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