Marketing on a shoestring

Starting out in business can be an expensive prospect, whether buying equipment, covering your bills or setting up your new website, the costs add up. What doesn’t have to be expensive is your marketing plan and its implementation. Avoid the pitfalls that many new businesses fall into by buying expensive advertising space without the correct marketing messages, thinking it will make a huge fortune in a short turn around.

Stop, don’t spend any more of your hard earned money unnecessarily! Join us and find out the best, free or almost free ways to drive traffic and customers to your business. Develop key relationships that build the best partnership working and joint venture approaches to getting your business out there and seen by hundreds, potentially thousands of new potential customers.

This course is made for you:

We want to ensure that you know how to make the most of the marketing budget you have, even if it is a big fat zero. We help you develop an action plan to tackle the vast array of marketing avenues there are, making sure you pick the right ones for your business.

Having a strong marketing plan is key to business success. Why? Because it enables your business to grow. Simple.

What you’ll learn:

• Be able to utilise the many free marketing opportunities there are in the market place
• How to review your own marketing and improve your approach
• Know how to use partnerships and joint ventures to maximise your return
• Understand the importance of social media
• Utilise e-mail marketing

Synchronous learning at its best:

We understand that when you run your own business, time is limited. This course ensures you get maximum return for the time and money invested. Our courses are built to ensure that not only do you get learning time with a tutor, but also you get resources that allow you to continue your learning at times that suit you. We believe in maximum return on your investment.

How our courses are structured:

• One 2-hour interactive learning session, with other participants with a live tutor, where you will get an opportunity to collaborate with your peers.
• One follow up refresh session with Q&A section, getting to the heart of what you need to apply to develop YOUR business.
• Three month rapid learning modules delivered in weekly videos to consolidate learning and provide practical examples
• Membership site with further resources and materials
• Managed Facebook group for networking and discussion

Why you should join this online course

• In order to grow your business, people need to know you exist
• Why spend thousands of pounds on advertising, when you can use more
cost effective approaches?
• People buy from companies that engage with the in a variety of ways, are
you doing as much as you can?

Guide Price: £97 +VAT

Delivery: Online
Category: Marketing Plan »
Duration: 2 online sessions PLUS 3 months rapid learning modules
Qualification: N/A

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