Mastering Financial Negotiations

Course Instructor: George Boulden - Negotiations expert & qualified NLP Master Practitioner

Over 3-days you will:

- Gain insight into the key psychological principles involved in achieving win/win financial negotiations
- Discover a simple powerful seven-step method for planning financial negotiations
- Learn how to use the power of suggestion to set a positive tone for face-to-face meetings
- Acquire a ‘toolbox’ of tried and tested skills to break deadlocks
- Understand the ‘dirty tricks’ used by unscrupulous negotiators and how to deal with them

Every year millions of dollars change hands on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances, management buyouts, share issues and financial restructuring.

The high stakes, extreme time pressure and psychological stress involved in these negotiations can and does cause mistakes as misunderstandings, kill potential deals, deadlocks, stifle opportunities and money is left on the table. This programme aims to provide insights into the methods adopted by outstanding negotiators, so risks of failure are reduced and the chance of signing win/win agreements are greatly enhanced.

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Duration: 12-14 September 2012
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