Retail Credit Risk & Credit Scoring

Attend this 4-day course / workshop and learn:

Course Instructor: David B. Edelman 20 years of retail credit experience culminating as a Risk Director at RBS and author of ‘best-selling’ - “Credit Scoring and its Applications”

Attend this 4-day course / workshop and learn:

- About risk, risks in banking, risks in retail banking, and the credit cycle
- The process of scorecard building
- How scorecards are implemented and how to set the cut-off
- How scorecards are managed once in use
- The impacts of fraud on retail lending
- About the laws and regulations that apply to retail lending
- How to design and recruit your retail credit risk management team

The programme begins with an introduction to the notion of risk and risk management, in life, in banking and then in consumer lending. This leads onto to credit scoring, the most common set of techniques for managing and controlling consumer credit risk.

The agenda then moves on to consider a range of issues that impact on how we implement and use credit scoring in a consumer lending environment and also how we ensure it is successful in its management of risk.

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Duration: 1-4 Oct 2012
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