Personal Track Safety Initial - Birmingam £165.00 plus VAT

PTS Initial Course - What is it for:

Any group of staff going to walk or work “On or Near the Line” must be competent to look after their own safety and be medically fit (including screening for alcohol and drugs).

The Personal Track Safety Course provides the information for ensuring a persons own safety while on Network Rail’s Infrastructure.

Who should attend:
Any person who is over the age of 16 years, who their Sponsor has deemed suitably mature enough to work in the rail environment and has passed a Network Rail medical and Alcohol & Drug Screen. The PTS course is insufficient for those wishing to carry out any work which will affect the geometry of the track in any. For that a person must attend a 10 day Track Induction Course.

Only those with a sufficient grasp of the English language to be able to give an emergency call will be eligible to attend as well as needing a certain degree of literacy.

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates will be able to interpret correctly the relevant parts of the Rule Book, the Track Safety Handbook and will understand the relevant aspects of the Sentinel Scheme.

They will be able to demonstrate their understanding and ability to follow a safe system of work that their COSS will set up for them. As well as having enough knowledge to keep themselves safe whilst on the Infrastuture.

What does it contain:

The course content is as follows;
• Getting to know the Infrastructure
• Are you fit for work
• The Sentinel Scheme
• Going on to the railway
• Walking in a group and working
• During the work
• Communicating clearly
• Emergency situations and procedures
• Track visit and assessment
• Theory assessment

How is it taught:
Tutor led sessions, using appropriate visual aids incorporating a trackside visit to Kings Norton in Birmingham
on the second day. Full Personal Protective Equipment is required for this.

Theory and practical assessments are included at the end of the course to determine satisfactory competence.

Delegates will be provided with a “Track Safety Handbook” and PTS Key Point Card when attending the course.

• Confirmation of Sponsorship to attend course
• Valid Medical and Alcohol & Drug Screen
• Personal Protective Equipment for track visit

Guide Price: £165.00 including card plus VAT

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Personal Track Safety PTS »
Duration: 2 days
Qualification: PTS Card

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