Purchase Ledger

•Lesson 1: Introduction to credit purchases; sales invoices; completing the Sales Day Book
•Lesson 2: The purpose of keeping a Sales Ledger; location information to be recorded in the Sales Ledger accounts; writing up Sales Ledger accounts; recording bed debts in the Sales Ledger; cross referencing entries in the Sales Ledger accounts with the Sales Day Book and Case Book
•Lesson 3: Recording contra entries; preparing a list of balances from the individual Sales Ledger accounts; writing up a Sales Ledger Control Account; detecting errors between the Sales Ledger Control Account and the Individual Sales Ledger Accounts
•Lesson 4: Maintaining a self-managed Credit Control System; using an Ageing Analysis; procedures when accounting for VAT to Customs and Excise

Pitman Training's Purchase Ledger training course follows on from our Basic Book-Keeping course and is aimed at people wishing to add a thorough knowledge of purchase ledger to their skill set.

You'll learn the importance of purchase order requisitions, how to reconcile suppliers' invoices and all the practical aspects of running a manual purchase ledger.
This critically important topic is taught in only 10 hours at our High Holborn, Notting Hill or Manchester training centres.

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Duration: 10 hours
Qualification: Pitman Training Certificate

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