Cookery course for Absolute Beginners

If you are a total newcomer to cooking and don’t know your spoon from your spatula, then do not fear, this is the course for you! We will teach you the absolute basics so that you leave feeling confident and inspired.
This course is all about mastering the fundamentals of cooking, so we take nothing for granted and assume that this is your first foray into cooking. We will teach you simple and delicious recipes that are unintimidating and that you will want to make over and over again.

Day 1:

Learn to make some delicious soups. Once you can make one soup, the possibilities are endless. Delicious and nutritious, soups are the ultimate comfort food and great to whip up for a simple lunch or a dinner party starter. Minestrone soup, Borscht, green pea and mint soup, mushroom soup, herby tomato soup, Vichyoisse and butternut soup are all on the menu. We’ll also show you how to make a granary bread.

Day 2:

You will learn how to make a great stew, and will be amazed at how many dishes are based on the principle of a basic stew. You will learn how to make a classic Bolognese, a lamb tagine, a chicken cacciatore, a beef Bourguignon and a mixed bean ragout.

Day 3:

Once you have mastered a classic roast, your Sundays will never be the same! Crispy roast chicken, herby roast lamb, a traditional roast beef, roast root vegetables and whole roast potatoes will all be on the menu.

Day 4:

Learn how to make melting chocolate brownies, a basic sponge cake, mini meringues, apple crumble and scrumptious spiced butter biscuits. Making delicious desserts is so much easier than you think and you can wow your friends with your new baking skills!

Day 5:

Never be intimidated by cooking fish again. In this introduction to fish, you will learn how to make grilled plaice and sauce vierge, goujons and tartare sauce, steamed fish and parsley sauce, mashed potatoes and dauphinoise, mackerel pate and a simple fish soup with prawns and mussels.

Guide Price: £600 (inc of VAT)

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Cookery »
Duration: 5 days, 17-21 September, 10am-1pm
Qualification: N/A

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