Professional Manicure Practitioner Diploma

During our Manicure course you will learn:

Nail filing (correct techniques to achieve the right look for the client.
Correct nail cutting.
Application of lotions and creams to aid in good hand care.
Nail painting techniques.
Health and hygiene of all aspects of the treatment.
Basic, medium and luxury Manicure treatments.
Legal and business information related to Manicure treatments.

Dates: Most days are available but please contact us for date requirements. Please book early to avoid disappointment. We do not have a maximum number of students that can attend our courses, but if you want to book a large number we will need additional time to organise this as more than one of our tutors will need to be present to ensure each student receives the required attention. We also provide private lessons, please contact us for more details on this.

Venues: We have multiple venues that you can attend but we will travel to you if needed for a small additional cost.

Costs: £150.00, payment needs to be made in full 2 weeks before the date of your practical training and a deposit of £80.00 is required to secure the course. Please see our terms and conditions for further details about course payments.

Course details:

What is a Manicure?

The actual word “Manicure” comes from the Latin “Manus” meaning hand and “Cura” meaning care. Throughout history nail care/ hand care has always been prominent across many cultures. Manicures have become a very popular treatment in the beauty industry and through this course you will learn how to provide an industry standard Manicure treatment.
What are the benefits of a Manicure?

There are many benefits to a Manicure treatment, these include:

Reduced pain and aches in the hands and wrists.
Improved appearance of the hands and nails.
Improved circulation.
Relaxing for the client.
Regular treatments can reduce the chance of hand/nails becoming infected.
Hydrates the skin through the use of oils, lotion and creams.
Can loosen stiff joints through the use of massage.
Can ease the pain caused by overworking, arthritis, sore muscles and carpal tunnel.

Benefits of our diploma courses, they are accredited with GHT and offer:

Home study of the theory section of the course.
One-day practical training.
Easy and fun learning experience.
No previous experience needed.
FREE DVD’s to accompany the course.
Support from our tutors throughout the course.
Free entry into our therapist directory.
Special offers on therapy supplies needed for the therapy.
Accredited by the GHT allowing you to practice professionally.
If you are attending one of our private one to one session you will receive the treatment yourself so that you will know what the treatment feels like.
High CPD points gained with all our courses.
Highly experienced tutors who are dedicated to their therapies.
Full comprehensive course manuals.

What do I need to bring to the practical training day?

Your training manual.
Your model if you are doing a private lesson.
A packed lunch and a bottle of water.
Copies of your previous qualifications if these have not already been submitted to us.
A jumper for after the treatment. After some treatments the body can feel cold after.
Course theory and practical

After you have completed the theory section of the course and answered the evaluation questions these need to be sent to us for marking. At the practical session you will work through a whole treatment session from set-up to aftercare and be marked on your work. If you pass the course your certificate will be sent to you from our head office with 14 days of completing your course and you will be able to gain insurance with the GHT.

What do I need to do next?

If you would like to enroll on one of our courses there are two ways of doing this:

Download our enrolment form and fill in your details to include:

Contact details.
Course required.

As soon as we receive you enrolment form we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss dates and other queries.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone us directly on 07773 617790.

Please read Course Terms & Conditions before making a booking

What happens on the day of the practical training?

On the day of your practical training you will need to attend one of our venues where you will be taught all the techniques required for this therapy. Our classes are friendly and very informative. If you have booked onto one of our one to one practical training days you will need to bring a model with you to work on. Your client will need to have a consultation carried out before the training to insure they do not have any contra-indications. If you are joining one of our group practical training days you will not have to bring a model, as you will be working on your fellow students. Please be aware that our course may consist of mixed gender students.

Further details about our courses:

You do not need to bring a model unless you have requested a one to one practical session.
Our teacher will guide you slowly through each step of the course in detail.
Class sizes are small so you get more individual attention from your tutor.
Our courses are mixed; both male and female.
There is no practical test; instead we assess your understanding and techniques on the day/s of the practical training.
What happens after the course?

Once you are a fully qualified practitioner and you have gained the correct insurance we suggest.

You practice your therapy techniques upon family and friends until you become confident.
You use the provided DVD to refine your techniques and make sure that you understand the routine.
You contact us if you have any questions by e-mail.
You can also return to us for practical refresher sessions or advance workshops. Please see details on this on the refresher page.

Guide Price: £150

Delivery: Other
Category: Manicure Pedicure »
Duration: 8 Hours theory and 1 day practical training.
Qualification: Diploma

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