Marketing Foundations

What topics are covered by the course?

There is a growing need to understand the fundamental principles of marketing to keep a competitive edge. This program is designed to provide participants with a sound understanding of the key elements of researching and profiling a market, determining the marketing mix, analyzing and defining a target market and planning and implementing marketing strategies.

You will learn how to conduct basic market and customer-based assessments, and how to develop an in depth understanding of the business environment you are currently and planning to operate in. You will also get insight into the competitive environment, and the potential of your business to succeed. In addition, you will be able to assess you own strengths and weaknesses, and know where the principle opportunities for growth are located. You will also learn how to use this information to position your products and services for optimal profitability, and segment your customer base for maximum opportunity. This information will help you plan your sales activities, and your key account management strategy.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all managers who need to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing.

What will I be able to do on completion?

By the end of this course, learners will be better able to:
(1) Identify where your products / services fit within the Business Life Cycle.

(2) Define your core competencies, and internal and external business situation.

(3) Define your USP, and know what your competitive position should be.

(4) Establish a foundation for current and future segmentation.

(5) Calculate market share, and identify in which markets to grow your business.

(6) Evaluate your competition, and position to handle opportunities and threats in the marketplace.

(7) Identify marketing goals, and know which marketing strategies to apply to achieve these goals.

(8) Select optimal pricing and marketing strategies.

(9) Identify the main Advertising and Promotions options with which to promote your business, and

(10) Determine a marketing budget to plan for and enact an effective marketing program.

How will I be assessed?

All courses contain online m/c quizzes. If you are taking this course as part of an ILM program , you will be asked to complete a work based assignment (approximately 1200 words).


The content of this course includes:
- Understanding how to conduct a market analysis
- Business Environment Analysis
- Competitive (5 Forces) Forces Analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Quantitative Analysis
- Understanding how to conduct a Customer analysis
- Understanding Customer Value Creation
- How to Segment your Customers
- Pricing Strategies
- Product Positioning Strategies
- Using Customer Data to optimize profitability
- Place - Sales Channels
- Promotional Activities
- Reviewing Marketing Performance

Suitable For: All managers who need to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing.

Course Duration: 8-10 Hours

Assessment: Online Quizzes + Work-based assignment

Certification: Completion Certificate

Course Access Duration: You will have access to your course for 90 days from date of purchase

Delivery: On-line

Resources:Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets

ILM Equivalence: M3.35 Understanding Marketing for Managers (1 Credit)

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Delivery: Online
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Duration: 8 hours
Qualification: Completion Certificate - Global Management Academy (ILM Qualifying Course)

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