Time Series Econometrics Using R

Delivered Live, Online and Personalized course is designed to cover trends in Applied Time Series Econometrics and Data Analysis Using R. The course is aimed to Financial Expert, Social sciences Practioners, Faculty and Students in Economics, Finance and Other Sciences who are interested in developing more blended Econometric skills for Analysis of Time Series Data. The course is aimed towards the personal learning needs of every registrant providing personalized contents to learn and discuss. The course will be collaborative, using example datasets, program files, developing simulation skills and offering plenty of opportunities for personal and specific Q&A in Applied Research. Learning resources, eBooks and software manuals will be provided before the lessons and lecture recordings (DVD) will be provided after the course and editing is completed.

Course Contents:

Time Series Data
Forecasting Strategies
Basic Stochastic Models
Stationary Models
Non-stationary Models
Long-Memory Processes
Spectral Analysis
System Identification
Multivariate Models
State Space Models
Basic knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics and Econometrics
The discussion session will be held evenings each weekdays and anytime on Saturday and Sunday starting from April 02-03 June, 2012 using Online Teaching Systems or LMS.
Only limited places are available to register. Registration without payment within 24 hours will be restricted from the course portal for privacy reasons.
Technical Requirements:
Computers/Laptops with Internet Connection, Skype, and Internet Browsers with Latest version of Flash Player Plugins for Video Lecturing and R should be installed to make possible the discussion and easing practicing the models during the course. Training sessions are held on the Weekends to facilitate more registrants being able to learn. Learning materials, e-books, manuals and reference datasets will be provided for practice. Personal data is encouraged to practice on to identify more relevant issues.
Registration Open until May 30, 2012
Course Begins on June 02, 2012
Registration Link: http://elearning.aneconomist.com

Guide Price: 20 Per Hour: 150 for One Month, 250 for Three Months

Delivery: Online
Category: Finance & Investment »
Duration: 1 to 3 Months
Qualification: Diploma

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