SPSS: A Step by Step Guide

What topics are covered by the course?

The following contents will be delivered in the lectures:
Basics of SPSS Capabilities
Basic Data Management
Basic Data Presentation
Basic Regression Analysis
Basic Regression Models for Categorical Data
Factor Analysis: Introduction

Who should attend?

Faculty, Students and Professionals in the Business, Management, Statistics, Economics and Industrial Sectors.

What will I be able to do on completion?

After completion of the course:
Students will be able to manage their Data more appropriately
Students will be able to identify how efficiently the data be analysed using appropriate techniques
Students will be able to report the analysis in more professional standards

How will I be assessed?

Tutorials and Exercises will be used for assessing the students capabilities on the Discussion Forum and students will be awarded a Certificate of Pass on successful completion of the assessments.

Students need to register on the given link, email to moodle@aneconomist.com and pay the course fee before commencement of lectures. Each student will get a personal lecture session where no other students will be allowed to enter the virtual classroom thus giving each student 100% time for their discussions and Q&A. All lectures will be delivered Live and after completion of the course, recording of each lecture will be delivered in a DVD to the students postal address. The course fee includes the postage.

Guide Price: 129

Delivery: Online
Category: Business & Management »
Duration: 2 Weeks
Qualification: Certificate

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