Forex & Commodities Trading...Learn How to Trade Like a Professional!

The aim of the course is to provide advanced instruction and expert knowledge of financial markets and its different instruments applied. It also includes ‘financial trade engineering’ combined with the ample theory & practice of quantitative tools essential for understanding modern finance and research methodology. The taught modules provide thorough coverage of classic and contemporary macroeconomic, portfolio management, risk management, renowned strategies and decision making.

The Forex and Commodities Trading Course is created by our professional trader with a focus on how markets work and trading psychology. It is a no frills, bare bones, learning programme that to date has helped many traders improve their trading results and resulted in generating profits for people who are completely new to trading.

This Forex course provides practical know how on alternative research strategies and methodological issues. It also provides training in financial management and reporting, research & analysis in the area of finance and banking as it pertains to Foreign exchange and currency trading.

Learn how to trade like a professional!
Our Forex trading course will help participants to:
Profit in an up or down market.
Trade successfully and safely in a 24 hour market.
Trade mechanically without emotions being involved.
Earn extra streams of income from trading. Sometimes by doing so only couple of hours a day.
Start trading with an investment as little £100 and/or up to thou-sands of pounds as you wish.
Earn anything from £50 up to £1000’s a week based on your level of investment.
Learn how to trade for a living

Delegates will learn beginners to advanced techniques, insights and trading methodology of Forex and Commodities markets. Main features are:

Intro to Basics & background of OTC (over the counter) market derivatives
Methods and mindset of a CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) floor trader revealed
In depth analysis of support and resistance concepts
Full disclosure of the exact methods professional traders use to maintain consistent profitability
A new and useful way to think about the markets and how they function
Thorough examination of price action and volume principles and back testing different pairs
Meticulous investigation of Institutional Trader's Psychology and subsequent behaviour
Framework of individual trader psychology, how to manage it, and why this is key
Reading Charts and charting patterns
Money management proficiency and position sizing designs
The Fundamentals of Trading
How to find opportunities in Play
How to Review your Trading
Trade Execution
Risk Management
Psychology of Trading One on one support with an experienced trader

Guide Price: 495

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Learn Forex »
Duration: 20 hours classroom/10 hours online
Qualification: N/A

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