18. Environmental Modeling Using MatLab

Main topics to be covered are:
1. Fundamentals of Modeling, Principles and MATLAB
2. Transport Solutions
3. Transport with Decay and Degradation
4. Transport and Kinetics
5. Transport and Equilibrium Reactions
6. Ordinary Differential Equations Dynamical Systems
7. Parameter Estimation
8. Flow Modeling
9. Groundwater Drawdown by Pumping
10. Aquifer Base flow and 2D Meshing
11. Potential and Flow Visualization
12. Stream function and Complex Potential
13. 2D and 3D Transport Solutions (Gaussian Puffs and Plumes)
14. Image Processing and Geo-referencing
15. Compartment Graphs and Linear Systems
16. Nonlinear Systems
17. Advanced Econometrics for Environmental Studies
18. Panel Data Models and their estimations
19. Use of Stata in the field of Environmental and Ecological Economics

Selected topics will be offered during the Two and One Month courses, and is optional for Three Month course. Additional topics would also be covered.

EBooks, Manuals and Codes, Example datasets, Econometric resources will be provided free of cost.

The course material will be immediately emailed to those who register on e-learning http://elearning.aneconomist.com.

Guide Price: 75 For Complete Courses

Delivery: Online
Category: Environmental Studies »
Duration: 1-3 Months
Qualification: Certificate

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