A Level Philosophy (Distance Learning)

You will learn about all the great philosophers, as well as contemplating some of the big questions around God and Free Will. You will gain a wealth of transferable skills such as critical thought, producing strong arguments and appreciating everything in a wider context.

Our course is designed in bite sized sections so it is easy to learn step by step and don’t forget our Tutors are here to support you throughout your A Level in Philosophy. Start Learning today!

A Level Philosophy consists of AS Level and A2 Level

AS Level

Unit 1 – PHIL1 – An Introduction to Philosophy 1
• Epistemology: Reason and Experience
• Mind and Metaphysics: Persons
• Politics and Religion: why should I be governed?

Unit 2 – PHIL2 – An Introduction to Philosophy 2
• Epistemology: Knowledge of the External World
• Mind and Metaphysics: Free Will and Determinism
• Politics and Religion: God and the World

A2 Level

Unit 3 – PHIL3 – Key Themes in Philosophy
• Key Themes in Philosophy: Political Philosophy
• Key Themes in Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind

Unit 4 – PHIL4 – Philosophical Problems
• Introducing the Meditations
• The method of doubt and its purpose
• The Cogito
• Clear and distinct ideas
• The first proof of God
• The Cartesian circle
• Removing scepticism
• Mind and body
• Dualistic problems

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Category: Philosophy »
Duration: 18 months
Qualification: A Level Philosophy

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