A Level Environmental Studies (Distance Learning)

With the current focus on climate change, and the threat to our planet, understanding the environment is absolutely critical. Employers will be looking for environmentally minded individuals who can show a sophisticated understanding of the issues and most importantly start to think about next steps. This course will build your critical reasoning as well as encouraging problem solving.

Our course is designed in bite sized sections so it is easy to learn step by step and don’t forget our Tutors are here to support you throughout your A Level in Environmental Studies. Start Learning today!

A Level Environmental Studies consists of AS Level and A2 Level

AS Level

Unit 1 – ENVS1 – The Living Environment
• Conditions for Life on Earth
• Wildlife Conservation
• Life Processes in the Biosphere
• Land Resources

Unit 2 – ENVS2 – The Physical Environment
• The Atmosphere
• The Hydrosphere
• The Lithosphere

A2 Level

Unit 3 – ENVS3 – Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution
• Energy
• Pollution

Unit 4 – ENVS4 – Biological Resources and Sustainability
• Human Populations
• Food Production Systems
• Aquatic Food Production Systems
• Forestry
• Sustainability

AS Level + A2 Level = A Level in Environmental Studies

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Delivery: Distance
Category: Environmental Studies »
Duration: 18 months
Qualification: A Level Environmental Studies

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