Employment Law Course

For the vast majority of us the employment relationship is a daily reality which can last throughout the course of our lifetimes. Irrespective of our motivations for participation, it is destined to be one of the longstanding relationships of our adult life. For many such a relationship may be relatively mundane; for others this may be far more traumatic and less happy. For these reasons, this course is guaranteed to be relevant and of interest to a vast array of people, those wishing to work in the field of law, or those seeking to improve their knowledge of employment law.

The course consists of ten modules. Throughout the modules you will encounter various cases studies which are designed to test your understanding and aid the learning process itself. The course is designed to be self contained, but students are encouraged to consult the listed texts in order to deepen their understanding of the area. Students should take care to ensure that they consult the latest edition of any additional texts; it will become clear that Employment law is a fast evolving discipline and it is really necessary to consult a reliable reference source to ensure that legal principles remain intact.

Module 1: The UK legal system and employment law

This introductory module places the subject within its context introducing both the UK legal system and the various machinery which has the task of deciding disputes and enforcing the law.
Module 2: What is a contract and why is it important in this context

The basis of the employment relationship remains the contract of employment; this module examines the key concerns within this area and the determination of employment status.
Module 3: Contents of the contract of employment

This module explores the essential legal duties of the parties to the employment relationship in greater detail.
Module 4: Termination of the contract of employment

There are a number of ways whereby an employment relationship can be terminated; this module explores the legal background to termination of contract and looks at some of the specific areas in more detail.
Module 5: Redundancy and transfer of undertakings

This module continues with the general theme of the previous module but concerns itself with situations which have arisen as a result of economic factors rather than legalistic considerations.
Module 6: Remuneration and hours of work

This module concentrates upon coverage of the various provisions relating to the more important terms and conditions of employment.
Module 7: Discrimination within the employment relationship

The potential forms of unlawful discrimination have increased dramatically over the past decade; it is the task of this module to examine these and place them within their context.
Module 8: Health and safety within the workplace

It seems quite commonplace to read of organisations complaining with regards to further responsibilities being placed upon them as a result of action by government bodies. This module explores the regulatory health and safety framework and the key duties it places upon both parties in the employment relationship.
Module 9: European dimension

The influence of European law has increased quite dramatically over the past 25 years and appears to be set to continue to do so. This module identifies what the sources of European law actually are and how they influence the nature of UK employment law.
Module 10: Collective aspects of employment law

During the course of the previous units we have considered the legal framework relating to employment law. In this final module we look at the various legal rules relating to the activities of trades unions and how they can operate within the framework of the law in attempting to advance the interests of their members.

Please note that this is an online course and your materials are delivered within the College web site in PDF format.

Guide Price: 499

Delivery: Online
Category: Employment Law »
Duration: 200 hours
Qualification: Upon successful completion students will be awarded the Employment Law Level 3 Diploma

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