Intermediate level photography one to one tuition

What topics are covered by the course?

All aspects of photography

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants one to one training rather than sit in a classroom

What will I be able to do on completion?

You will have an improved understanding of your camera and be able to take better pictures

How will I be assessed?

I will offer free ongoing assessment of your images

I have taught people of all abilities over the last few years for the Jessops Training Academy & found customers have many different reasons for wanting to learn more about photography, some of those reasons are listed below:

- Perhaps you want to take better pictures of family & friends

- Taking better pictures while on holiday

- A new arrival!

- People who are retiring and now have time to pursue a new hobby

- People who used to been keen on photography and want to come back to the hobby

- Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own business doing weddings, portraits etc

- Students wanting to do GCSE or ďAĒ level in photography & want to get to grips with their camera

- People frustrated with the camera and want to get more from their investment

- Perhaps you have a hobby or belong to a club & want to integrate photography with a sport or other activity

- Some people used to be very keen on film photography, but want to go digital

- I inherited a nice camera but donít know how to use it

- EBay selling and how to improve my product pictures

- I want to go to a camera club but want a head start!

Not forgetting my favourite... my wife got so fed up with my pictures she made me come!

Guide Price: £

Delivery: In house
Category: Digital Photography »
Duration: One day
Qualification: N/A

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