Photography Courses That Fit your needs

I have taught people of all abilities over the last few years for the Jessops Training Academy & found customers have many different reasons for wanting to learn more about photography, some of those reasons are listed below:

- Perhaps you want to take better pictures of family & friends

- Taking better pictures while on holiday

- A new arrival!

- People who are retiring and now have time to pursue a new hobby

- People who used to been keen on photography and want to come back to the hobby

- Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own business doing weddings, portraits etc

- Students wanting to do GCSE or ďAĒ level in photography & want to get to grips with their camera

- People frustrated with the camera and want to get more from their investment

- Perhaps you have a hobby or belong to a club & want to integrate photography with a sport or other activity

- Some people used to be very keen on film photography, but want to go digital

- I inherited a nice camera but donít know how to use it

- EBay selling and how to improve my product pictures

- I want to go to a camera club but want a head start!

Not forgetting my favourite... my wife got so fed up with my pictures she made me come!

Based in the Solihull I am in easy reach of Birmingham & the West Midlands, but also willing to travel reasonable distances to offer you training not just in all aspects of photography, but also anything that relates to it

- Understanding your camera... what menu options to use and what to avoid, making photography simpler
- Downloading images and how to store and back them up, organising your images
- Image manipulation using software, how to make a good picture great
- Printing pictures or using your images on the TV, computer, Ipad etc. Understanding how sizes & resolutions work
- Mounting your images ready for framing

Courses can be tailor made to YOUR requirements rather than being a fixed & inflexable

Tuition is on a one to one or small group basis & learning with a friend or family member is quite popular

Guide Price: £119 plus reasonable travel expenses

Delivery: In house
Category: Digital Photography »
Duration: One day
Qualification: N/A

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