Night Lights photography Training

This short course 3.5 hours will cover all the elements that you need to take superb night photos. You will need to understand your camera settings to get the most out of this course.

The course will take place in Sheffield city centre or by arrangement another location

This event looks at many different techniques and is excellent for getting to know your camera really well as you will be using it much more of the controls than on any other event that we run. As a result a good grasp of the key settings on your camera and a good understanding of the basics of photography is required.

To understand the problems of shooting in lowlight
Using the ISO to get great hand held results
Why prime lenses can offer an affordable solution to lowlight problems
How to avoid camera shake in all your images
Why shooting on a tripod has advantages
How to evaluate night images
Why exposure problems occur
How to solve the exposure problems
To understand the lighting types that we use at night
How to use the white balance overrides creatively and for correction
How to produce zoom and movement effects using long shutter speeds
Plus lots of hints and tips to enable you to get better images

Equipment requirements
Any DSLR camera with lenses that cover both wide angle and telephoto focal lengths, plus a sturdy tripod , are necessary for this event. A wired remote release for the camera is also helpful though not essential

Guide Price: 55 for a limited period (Other costs will apply to locations outside Sheffield)

Delivery: Other
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