Photographer's Assistant Course

This is a one-day course split into two parts focusing on the role of being a photographer’s assistant, and introducing you to studio equipment and everything you will find yourself needing when working on a shoot. Other key areas covered include how to use studio lighting, and a basic introduction to setting up lights and light metering.

The course will be taught by one of our in-house team all of who have assisted some big name photographers on both large and small scale shoots, ranging from Fashion and Portraiture to video and film productions.

The course is taught in two sections and covers:

An introduction to your tutor’s experience as an assistant
What a photographer seeks in an assistant
Introduction to studio equipment
A break down on studio lights and modifiers

Setting up a studio light
Light metering
In depth explanation of qualities of light and the modifiers used for each
A break-down of lighting jargon?
Concluding with a basic lighting shoot where you will be assisting the tutor

Guide Price: £55

Delivery: In house
Category: Digital Photography »

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