QCF Cleaning & Support Services Skill (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

QCF (Level 1) Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills

This programme is for:- Staff working in cleaning and support services or the unemployed.#
Learners will need to do 7 Units:

QCF (Level 2) Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills

Guided learning hours

We would require you to release your staff for 2 3 hours, every 2 weeks for 7 visits for them to gain this qualification.

PLEASE NOTE: Observation would take place while they are conducting their normal duties.


This programme is for staff working in cleaning and support services and offers the opportunity for them to obtain a nationally recognised vocational qualification. Cleaning & Support Services Skills QCF Level 2 is delivered wholly in the workplace. Learners will be allocated a personal assessor and supplied with all the required reading and assessment materials needed for this course.

An assessor will be assigned to the Learner who will provide at least 15 hours of training/underpinning knowledge and support at pre-arranged times. Assist the Learner to produce a personal portfolio of evidence demonstrating their understanding and application of the QCF Level 2 performance criteria and spend a further 2-3 hours assessing the Learner through observations at their place of work.

QCF (Level 1) Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills

The first 2 mandatory units are:-
Work with others and follow reporting procedures, Reduce risks to health and safety in the workplace.

The ideal 5 optional units we tend to cover are:
Maintain personal hygiene standards when cleaning, Do your job in a customer friendly way, Work in an environmentally friendly way, Use and store cleaning equipment and agents, Use electrically powered cleaning equipment effectively and safely.

QCF (Level 2) Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services Skills

Units involved:

The three mandatory units are:

Make sure your own actions reduce risks to Health and Safety.
Communicate effectively with customers and others.
Work as a team and develop yourself.

The other three units are:

Clean and maintain internal surfaces and areas
Deal with routine waste
Clean washrooms and replenish supplies.

Guide Price: Free

Delivery: Classroom
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