DSLR Filmmaking

The beautiful quality of DSLR footage is amazing compared to even the best video cameras, and has turned the filmmaking world on its head.

If you are interested in using your DSLR to make video content in any creative field, weddings, commerical, documentaries or even music videos, then this 2-day hands-on workshop will equip you with the basic tools to get out there and make it happen.

The course will demonstrate easy ways of producing professional and creative video content and you'll be given plenty of hands-on opportunties to play for yourself.

This course will teach you:

1. How to go from photography to filmmaking
2. How to create a great story
3. How to set up your camera to achieve perfect results
4. Creative ways of shooting and moving the camera
5. How to plan your shoots
6. Workflow from turning on the camera to uploading your film to the internet
7. How to capture and use great sound and music
8. How to turn your footage into a final edited film

Guide Price: 320

Delivery: Classroom
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