How to Prevent, Detect and Combat Procurement Fraud

Procurement fraud is currently on the rise and one of the major risks that public sector organisations face, potentially resulting in the loss of vast sums of money either directly or indirectly. It has been shown that during an economic downturn, the incidence of fraudulent activity increases and the procurement function is one area in which fraud regularly occurs. There is also a growing threat from organised crime groups using partially legitimate companies bidding for public sector contracts and acting as fronts to top up income from criminal activity including drugs, human trafficking and counterfeit goods. As budgets become more constrained, all public sector organisations must ensure that proper procurement fraud prevention procedures are in place, otherwise they risk losing vital public funds needed for essential services and damage to the organisation's reputation.

Learning Outcomes:
•Offer a clear and comprehensive explanation of what procurement fraud is and how to look for red flags” and symptoms of fraud
•Explain different types of procurement fraud and what can be done to prevent this happening in your organisation
•Impart tips on developing proper procurement fraud prevention procedures
•Provide a practical demonstration how to carry out supplier vetting as part of the tender evaluation process to prevent crooks winning your contracts
•Discuss how best to conduct an internal investigation to protect your organisation
•Present a number of practical case studies

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