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Managing and working with people who have special needs is highly rewarding. This highly informative and practical series is designed to help you further advance the causes of the child or young person in your care, and will enable you get more from your chosen vocation.

The course tutor is Terry Cope MSc, Chartered Educational Psychologist and former Principal Educational Psychologist with a local education authority, arguably one of the UK’s leading professionals in this highly developed field.

Careline have arranged ten specialist subjects from which you may choose. Each focusing on one key aspect of special needs and each packed with an intimate understanding of the subject, the relevant strengths and difficulties and practical experience on how to manage presenting situations.

S1. Working with Special Needsq What are special needsq Aims of working within Special Needsq Personal Safety S2. Communication needs (autism)q What is autismq Strengths and weakness of autismq Managing Autism
S3. Counselling Skillsq What is and is not counsellingq Counselling skillsq Practical counselling skillsq Outcomes of counselling S4. Cognition & learningq Specific Learning difficultiesq Mild and Moderate Learning Difficultiesq Severe learning Difficulties
S5. Special Educational Needs Legislationq Every Child Mattersq Every Youth Mattersq Gap between what is said and what is done S6. Behavioural & Emotional Problemsq How to recognise them?q What are they?q Ways of approaching these challenges
S7. Negotiation skillsq Working with adults to change attitudesq Advocacy skillsq Working with other agencies S8. Physical Needsq Sensory Needsq Neural needsq Other physical needs
S.9. Working with Schoolsq Inclusionq Personal safetyq The role of the SENCO S10. Motivation and Rewardq Philosophyq Behaviour modificationq Practical examples

2 Hrs per Course or 2 Full Days for all 10
Certificate of attendance: Available to all students
Fees and rebates:
£187 Per Training session
£150 - for bookings of three or more training sessions
£1450- for the complete series

For further information please call Stephen Arundel
on 020 8928 6007 or email

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Please make all cheques made payable to ‘Careline’ and post to Stephen Arundel at
SSR® Personnel Services Limited, 5 Blackhorse Lane, London E17 6DN.

For Credit card payments, call Stephen Arundel on 020 8928 6007.

All fees and supervisory fees are paid by the organisers (SSR® Personnel Services) directly
to the Charity Careline - REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER: 1022148

Quality Assurance and Quality Rebate

In the unlikely event that you feel the seminar is not value for money, please write to the below address, stating your reasons and request a full refund.

Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the sessions or have recommendation to improve the seminars, please raise this with the course leader at the time, or write to:

Leela Turner, Course Director, Careline,
Cardinal Heenan Centre, 326 - 328 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1QP.

Call Stephen Arundel, 02089286007

Guide Price: £350

Delivery: Unknown
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