Adobe InDesign - Onsite and customised

Learning how the software works is all very well but we show you the next stage too - how to create finished print-ready documents.

We try to base your course on the actual documents you need to make.

You can send examples to us prior to your course.

Course Duration 2 Days

This course can also be tailored to one day if preferred but naturally cannot therefore cover all items in the course profile

Course Topic Areas

Using the tools & palettes
Changing views, zoom & pan
Selecting objects
Preferences and defaults
Page Layout & Design
Panels and Preferences
Page, printer and margin set-up
Adding and using guidelines
Using master pages
Working with text

Adding & importing text

Threading text through frames
Setting text frame properties
Formatting characters
Formatting paragraphs
Working with tabs and tables
Creating & managing styles
Numbered lists & bullets

Working with colour

Using Colour
Process colour printing
Pantones and Process
Effects & Transparency
Creating Shapes & Paths
Drawing basic shapes and lines
Drawing with the pen tool
Adjusting path segments
Using the Stroke palette

Handling Images

Using images correctly
Text flow around images
Bult-in image effects
Managing links to images
Native Photoshop and Illustrator files

Printing and Output

Spot colour printing
Process colour printing
Working with Bureaus & Printers
Pre-fighting documents
PDF export

Guide Price: Fee is determined by where you are based in the UK

Delivery: In house
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