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To provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with moving vehicles on a site and how to provide and maintain safe access routes for both pedestrians and vehicles, through the implementation of the correct control measures in order to reduce risks to their health.


Associated health and safety legislation to Include:

Health & Safety at Work Act
Management of Health & Safety at Work
Construction Design Management
Construction, Health, Safety & Welfare
Provision & Use of Work Equipment (PUWER)
Safe workplaces
Vehicle and pedestrian routes
Methods of risk control
Vehicle selection, inspection and maintenance
Safe driving and work practices
Signaler’s safe working practices and signals
Safe working practices for specific vehicles

By the end of the course the candidates will:

Identify hazards associated with moving vehicles and the reasonably foreseeable risks.
Select appropriate methods of risk control.
Select appropriate safety equipment and/or vehicles required to do the job safely and carry out appropriate pre-use checks.
Use safe driving and work practices to ensure that both workers and the public are free from harm when moving vehicles in and around a site.
Conduct clear and concise signals to drivers of vehicles on a site.
Training Methods

To include practical exercises and group participation.

This course will be delivered at your site anywhere in the UK, using various different Plant or Vehicles.

We can train/assess up to 6 candidates per day.

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Delivery: In house
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