Marketing Strategy & Planning - 2 days

This 2-day practical workshop, Marketing Strategy and Planning, will provide delegates with a structured approach to developing their knowledge and skills in this vital area, in contrast to the ineffective and ad hoc approach favoured by too many organisations.

Marketing Strategy & Planning


The development of an appropriate marketing strategy and the creation of a robust planning process lie at the heart of a successful business. Too often marketing is viewed as being the implementation of a range of tactical initiatives, but those companies that truly understand marketing and the concept of strategy and planning use them powerfully to drive their business growth.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of small group work, syndicate work and plenary sessions as well as presentations from the trainer. The group work and syndicate sessions will ideally work from actual examples drawn from the training delegates’ experience and real working situations. This will enable the delegates to use the workshop as an opportunity to begin to apply the training whilst participating in the workshop itself. It will also help to ensure that the training remains relevant to the individual’s specific situations.

Workshop Objectives

Understand the role of marketing strategy in an organisation
Understand the difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics
Understand the key strategic planning tools, in order to successfully identify, anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers.
Confidently apply the key tools in your day to day work.
Creating a plan to implement your objectives

Who will the Workshop benefit?

Marketers who are new to strategic marketing, those charged with the responsibility of developing a marketing strategy and plan on behalf of their business unit or organisation or those that have had no formal training in this area. Managers in other disciplines or supervisory roles, wishing to secure a clear understanding of strategy or introduce a more structured process into their organisations, will also benefit.

Workshop Duration

2 days

Workshop Content


Creating a Marketing Strategy

§ Defining what a Marketing strategy is and the auditing processes

§ Understanding the impact of market drivers in anticipating market change and development

§ Using and applying research as a part of the strategy process in order to understand and identify customer need

§ The role of marketing audit and situation analysis in marketing strategy and planning

§ Preparing an operationalised SWOT and using it to set objectives

§ Understanding and identifying competitor strategy.

§ Gaining customer insight – telling the customer story.

Segmentation & Positioning

§ Marketing segmentation and its importance

§ Identifying key segments

§ Segment selection and prioritisation tools and processes

§ Understanding and applying positioning

§ Developing a positioning as a part of the planning process

§ The role of the positioning statement


Developing a Marketing Plan

§ The role of planning and the planning cycle

§ Marketing plan structures

§ Setting SMART objectives within the plan using the tools reviewed on day 1

§ Understanding the linkages between strategy, planning and tactics

§ Developing your tactical plan

§ Setting the budget and producing the plan document – a simple and stepped guide to the 2 day planning process

Implementation, plan management and organisational buy-in

§ Implementation managing and monitoring the plan

§ The value and application of KPIs

§ Developing the KPIs

§ Using project management techniques within the marketing context

§ Integration of your plan with the rest of the business

Take Aways from course

§ A marketing planning framework

§ A marketing audit and SWOT analysis framework

§ A marketing plan template

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