Retouching your Images

Do you wish you knew how to retouch and edit your photos so that they look better? Would you like to master the basic techniques required for producing more creative and exciting images? If so, this is the course for you.

This course will introduce you to Adobe Photoshop and the essential skills you need to enhance and retouch your images. You will learn how to crop and resize images, lighten and darken parts of an image, change the colour balance, touch out blemishes and detail that you don’t want, how to convert an image to black and white and how to apply special effects using filters.

Experience of photography and a selection of images to work with are required.

• Introduction to image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop
• Cropping your photos and changing the image size
• Understanding image resolution
• Understanding the difference between print and web images
• Selecting part of an image in Photoshop
• Lightening shadows and darkening areas that are over exposed


• Working with colour - understanding hue and saturation
• Removing blemishes, wrinkles and red eye from portrait photos
• Turning colour images into black and white images
• Using filters to create special effects
• Tips and tricks when retouching landscapes
• Tips and tricks when retouching portraits

• Questions and answers


You do not need to bring anything with you other than some money to buy lunch. Tea and coffee will be served throughout the day.

If you wish to you are welcome to bring along a memory card or your camera with some of your own images to work with.

Guide Price: £120

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Digital Photography »

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