Cable Avoidance Tool

Avoiding Dangers from Underground Services
CAT & Genny Operator Training
600 people are injured every year due to underground cables being damaged during excavation work on thehighway. There are also many people injured through damaging water and gas pipes.

Our course is designed to make delegates aware of the dangers involved in excavating on public highways and private land and train them to detect and avoid most buried apparatus.

Everyone connected with excavation will benefit from this course including designers and planners, safety personnel, site management and all operational staff, including machine operators.

Course Syllabus:
•Pre Course Test Paper
•Responsibility under HSWA 1974 and HSG47 (the avoidance of underground services)
•The dangers from underground services
•Safe Systems of Work
•Obtaining and understanding utilities drawings
•Observation of surface features – manholes, lamp standards etc
•Magnetic Fields
•Power and Radio signals
•Pot Ended cables
•Plastic pipes / Fibre Optic cables
•Genny Induction techniques / Two person sweeps
•Distortion of signal / Searching over areas of rebar
•Using Sondes
•Battery tests
•Written Test Paper
•Practical sessions
•Course Appraisals / Close

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Delivery: Classroom
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