Manual Handling

What is covered on the course?

Terminology and legislation relating to manual handling.
Injuries caused through poor manual handling.
Principles for controlling manual handling and the application of these.
Purpose of conducting manual handling risk assessments and how they benefit both company and employee.
Introductory manual handling training
Moving and lifting objects, including box lifting, single person lift, two person lifting, and moving unusual objects.
Lifting aids, including motorised lifting aids, conveyor belts, pallet truck, sack truck, and trolley.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

The course is delivered over a minimum of 3hrs, and is a mixture of classroom delivery and practical workshops. The course is assessed continuously and there is no final assessment or written test. We also have this course available as an online course, enabling you to study in your own time

Guide Price: 45.00

Delivery: Other
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