Dayspring Personal Supervision and Staff Support

An in-depth look at personal supervision, what it is and isn't, how it works, and how it can make your life easier, and issues which can be expected to arise in the context of dementia work.

Can be provided in-house to groups of up to 12 people in mainland Scotland, and occasionally in other areas of the UK, or by distance learning worldwide. We supply all necessary learning materials, including specially written texts and articles by experts.

Discounts are available for those taking more than one course.

Unit One - Part One
What is a supervisor and how is this different from a line manager?
What is the purpose of supervision?
What are the benefits of supervision?
Experiences of supervision - best and worst
The supervision contract in theory

Unit One - Part Two
Keeping the contract - the important 'rules' (duration, frequency, reasons for cancelling, open door or not)
Content of appointments
Agendas, notes, reviews, feeding into appraisal

Unit One - Part Three
Learning styles
Getting engagement
Formalising the contract

Unit Two - Part One
A nod to managing performance
Fitting into the management structure

Unit Two - Part Two
Personal emotional issues
Emotional issues around the work
Developing inter-personal skills

Unit Two - Part Three
Prejudice - where and what is it? How do our prejudices affect our work?
Barriers for supervisors

Unit Three - Part One
Blocks, collusion and avoidance
Expectations of supervision

Unit Three - Part Two
Functions of supervision (communication and mediation, education and training, supporting and enabling)
If things go wrong (in supervisory relationship, in job, in professional relationships)
Support during disciplinary procedures

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