Lotus WordPro Millennium Edition

The course is designed for new users who wish to learn the basic features available in Word Pro.

at the end of the course the delegate will be able to . . . . .

identify and use all the essential commands in the WordPro screens

create a new document using a SmartMaster where necessary

print a document, using Print Preview initially

open, save and close a WordPro document

edit existing document text

rearrange existing text using Cut, Copy, and Paste commands

format the document text, change the font & point size, apply font attributes, add drop capitals and borders to text

change the paragraph layout

alter the page layout for the document

tailor and use the SmartCorrect facility to automatically correct errors as they are typed

use Format Check to find and correct basic errors, common typing mistakes, and inconsistencies in presentation

use the Spelling tool to check a document for misspelled words and correct them

use the Thesaurus tool to find meanings of a selected word, and replace that word with a synonym

use the Glossary to store frequently used text, and insert the glossary entry into Word Pro documents

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