DSLR Video production

DSLR Filmmaking and video production is on the increase and the worlds of photography, video and film have merged. The course breaks down what you need to know and how to effectively apply to your project.

Ideal for photographers wanting to learn more about video production techniques, filmmakers and videographers want to embrace DSLR camera for their work.

Topics covered on the 1-Day HD Video DSLR Courses
Camera Selection and benefits of DSLR-based video
filesize limits, memory cards, pc or mac downloading.

Bring in your creative side and learn about.

Camera setup, operation and presets
Recording video and audio hands on session
Focus, exposure, use of tripods for static and motion shots
Sound getting better audio recording results microphone options
Dslrs lens options and other handy accessories
Editing your material, software editing options
Practical editing session demonstration.
Important audio considerations recording stereo or 5.1surround audio.
Post productions workflow, technical checks and archiving your work.

Guide Price: 190

Delivery: Classroom
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