Dynamic Sales Skills - Advanced SELLING

Turning ‘Theory’ into ‘Practice’
This self-appraising, highly interactive programme builds on your existing sales experience and skills. The course focuses on business-to-business
selling, strategy and relationship building to give you the motivation, drive and confidence to win new and increased levels of business.

Benefits to you:

• Analysing your strengths and weaknesses and making improvements

• Understanding buyer motivations and sales psychology

• Using the structure, skills and techniques of the consultative approach to meet the needs of your clients

• Developing value added strategies to achieve higher sales and keep the competition out

• Improving the quality and quantity of your selling time to win more business

• Developing greater opportunity for closing more business

• Building stronger partnerships with decision makers through improved interpersonal skills and confidence in your own style

Who should attend?

This course is designed for experienced sales people who wish to develop their selling skills to an even higher professional standard and

win more business and larger deals.

Guide Price: Please call for further details

Delivery: In house
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