Beginners Guide to Lead Generation

Lead generation should be at the core of your sales and marketing function. Without lead generation many companies couldn’t hit their growth plans and many wouldn’t even survive.

For many companies finding quality sales leads can be a difficult and time consuming task, often only done when the pipeline is looking desperate. This course aims to take a lot of the unknown away and give you the tools required to generate leads in an affordable and timely way.

This course is aimed at those companies who are new, those who have grown through word of mouth and want to enter new markets or increase their rate of growth and those who may have tried generating sales leads with limited success.

During the day there will be theoretical teachings as well as group and individual exercise. At the end of the course all delegates will have the motivation and skills to deliver success in this challenging activity.

Topics covered

What is lead generation?
How lead generation differs from other forms of marketing
Why all companies need to do it well

Setting Goals
Having goals in lead generation is critical, communicating those goals is just as important. Having SMART goals is a great way to achieve your goals, they need to be

Everything Begins With Knowledge
Understanding of your business, products, market place and how you are perceived is critical to successful lead generation. During the course we will answer the following questions
Who are you?
Who do you sell to?
What do you sell?
Why do people buy?
Who do you compete with?

Turning Knowledge into Sales Leads
Once we have this knowledge how do you use it to generate leads?
Your Database
- Why you should have one
- How do you build it?
- How do you manage it?

Communicating to your audience
- How often should you communicate?
- What should you communicate?
- How should you communicate?

Communication Methods
We will look at many ways of communicating including;
Email marketing Social Media
Telemarketing Online Marketing
Direct Mail Driving traffic to your website
Events Raising awareness

An Integrated Approach to Lead Generation

Creating a Communication Plan

Managing Your Pipeline
Lead generation isn’t about individual campaigns to deliver leads when you are running low, it is about a continual supply of quality leads. We will give you an understanding of why you should manage your pipeline as well as how.
- Managing Contacts
- CRM systems
- Timing
- What to communicate to advance prospect

Training Material
All attendees of the course will get all course notes and a lead generation booklet to ensure continual improvement.

All companies also get access to the trainer by telephone, email or our website to ask questions and bounce ideas off.

Who Should Attend
This course is aimed at sales, marketing or senior decision makers in business that are looking to generate quality sales opportunities.

People who have attended in the past
Owners of new or small businesses who want to grow sales themselves
Sales managers who have a team of salespeople responsible for generating their own leads
Marketing managers who have a responsibility for lead generation
Operations managers who need to deliver more sales

Guide Price: £250

Delivery: Classroom
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