MYND REVOLUTION - The Application

Using the techniques taught in the MYND REVOLUTION courses these courses help to apply them to everyday life in the home, office, school, on the pitch, with your friends and family...

The new trend in Learning and Professional Development which is applicable to Adults, Youth and Corporates (Public and Private)

Choose from the list below and book at to experience MYND REVOLUTION..

Its really not what you think ......

Maximum Me - 1 day
Raising Self-Esteem and Assertiveness - 2 days
Secrets of Self Confidence- 1 day
Sports Psychology 4 life- 1 day
Personal Effectiveness courses
My Personal Development -2 days
Modelling & Mapping skills for life - 1 day
State Management -1 day
Presentation Skills courses
Remove Fear of Public Speaking -1 day
Verbal Communication courses
Advanced Communication Skills -2 days
Applied NLP -2 days
Effective Communication -1 day
Neuro-Linguistic Programming -2 days
Persuasion and Influence-1 day

Guide Price: 150 each

Delivery: Classroom
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