Mind Maps

We think using association and relationships rather than in a linear A to B to C pattern and mind mapping will speed up the process of how we think naturally.
Mind mapping is what we do as humans this course is designed to explain what is normal and thereby help us to better use our natural ability.
By the end of this course you will have learned how to use mind-mapping techniques to:
• Increase your memory recall
• Make you more efficient at solving problems
• Develop your creativity and ability to focus
• Help you communicate more effectively
…all of which will dramatically improve your productivity both in your personal life as well as at work.

• What are mind maps?
• How do they work in everyday situations?
• Developing trust in Mind-mapping
• Mind maps and memory
• How to use mind maps to improve memory recall
• Related memory techniques
• Memory stacks
• Using mind-maps to manage projects
• Mind-maps and Gannt charts
• Taking notes using mind mapping
• Developing your mind-mapping skill

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