Tattoo Training Course

Before you part with your money do other tattoo training courses offer you the chance to achieve an accredited certificate see our 2 week course for this unique tattoo training course.

The Tattoo Training Centre has worked closely with one of the UK's leading certification bodies giving you and accredited certificate in tattooing. This certificate comes with our 2 week course. The Accredited Tattoo Training Certificate covers all aspects of tattoo training from health and safety to carrying out tattooing techniques. A portfolio of you works from day one will be made.

2 Week Course: This is set out in tasks where a portfolio of work will be made to include First Aid, Tattoo Safety and Hygiene, Tattoo Equipment Familiarisation, Tattoo Needles and how they work, Tattoo Ink, Tattooing On Synthetic Skin, Creating The Tattoo Stencil And Applying It, Selecting and location of tattoos, Explanation of pain, Tattoo Outlines, Tattoo Shading, After The Tattoo, setting up your own Tattoo Shop, Pricing safe needle disposal, advertising, how to deal with customers, Free business advice from our start up advisor, and much more including Training material, handouts and a free tattoo starter kit and certificates. 1999.

Guide Price: 1999

Delivery: Classroom
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