Effective Team Working with Belbin Team Roles

This programme will achieve the following;
Managers and teams are thinking differently about themselves and their team members.
For team to work effectively recognising their own strengths and the importance of difference
Recognise how the sum of the team parts may be more valuable than the individuals working on their own
Give a strong insight into team members team role preferences and how they can use this effectively in their roles
Give greater emphasis to the allocation of roles in team tasks
Identify the key shape of the team in terms of team roles and also any team Achilles heel

The Theory and background to Belbin® Team Roles
Understanding the individual Belbin® Profile
Exercise A - Allocating nicknames
Stages of team development
Team Exercise B – How the team performs
Playing to our strengths as a team
What sort of people would we recruit to balance a team
What is our team Achilles heel
Team Exercise C
Peak performing teams
Wrap Up

Guide Price: £1000 +VAT (based on 8 people at £125.00 per VAT per person)

Delivery: In house
Category: Team Working »

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