Sales Refresher

Course Objective: to develop existing sales skills and ensure that a solid structure is still in place. The course aims to improve all aspects of the delegates’ sales ability in order for them to sell more thoughtfully and with more complexity.

Suitable for: anyone with too much experience for the Introduction to Sales. The course is tailored to the exact abilities of delegates.

Complementary Courses: Strategic Selling; Creative Presentation & Performance; Advanced Negotiation

Day One

· Review of existing sales techniques

· Understanding the difference between large and small scale sales

· Setting objectives – ensuring your call has a clear direction

· Learning the difference between “advances” and “continuations” – when does a salesperson “sell” but not “sell”?

· What can be gained by effective questioning

· Recognising the difference between implied and explicit needs

· Developing urgency within the client

Day Two

· Developing a relevant and powerful sales message

· Organising the features of your product

· How to sell for the short, medium and long term

· Techniques for preventing objections – “Treating the cause and not the symptom”

· Closing skills – ensuring that progress and an “advance” is made

· Role-plays and analysis throughout both days

Guide Price: £1,950.00 for up to 8 Participants (Includes all pre-course consultancy)

Delivery: In house
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