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The Specialist for Permanent Make up Training and Cosmetics.
We try all our possible best to always remain the best and exclusive in offering our students the best and current training in this field.We offer courses,trainings on Permanent Maake up, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Extensions, Make up Artist, Nail Designs etc. We have other Academys in Munich, Falkensee,Berlin, Aachen, Bremen, Münster, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Hannover, Paderbohn, Kassel, Bielefeld, Dortmund,Düren, Switzerland(Zürich) and United Kingdom(London)
Professional Training with Derma Contour. Please do check on our Website for your professional German Made Equipment and Pigments.
Nordrhein Westfalen State supports Students with the New Education Voucher which is worth 500€ for their continues

Short description of our Courses:
Reconstruction of Scars and Camouflage after aesthetic operations, accidents or burns
Reconstruction of the Breast after implants, Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, reduction and Nipple augmentation
Reconstruction of the Eyebrows after a chemotherapy
Optical correction of the Lips after an accident or Lips with colour irregularities
Anti-Aging – Wrinkel Reduction with Multitreapanic Collagen Actuation/Dry Needling Technik
Eyebrows corrections, shading and tiny Hair drawing
Reconstruction of non available eyebrows
Shading and reconstruction of narrow, pale and unequal lips
Refilling of the lips with colour to achieve a long-lasting lipstick
Drawing of the eyelid (up and down)
We also offer courses on Make-up which certifies you as a Make-up Artist, Eyelash Extension, Cosmetic Pedicure, Cosmetic Teeth whitening/bleaching and Nail Designer etc. For more enquiries give us a call.

Apart from Permanent Make up /Micropigmention Training, we offer other Courses , for instance :
Visagist/Make up Artist
Eyelash extensions
Hair extensions
Brazilien Waxing
Cosmetic Pedicure / French Pedicure
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
Motivational Training
Workshops for our Students
call us for a free consultation.

Professional/Advanced Permanent Make up/Micropigmentation/Dermapigmentaion/Skin Pigmentation Training/Course
2 days advanced Training
This course is for Professionals who have had the experience of Micropigmentation for at least one year. Because this teaches more on the medical area, it requires experience in cosmetology and dermatology. You learn how to work on scars, camouflage, and intense reconstruction after accident, operations and burns. Please look up on what we offer in the medical side.

Guide Price: 3000 £

Delivery: Classroom
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