Time To Lead

Just like the very best footballers… successful managers need to create that ‘extra yard’ for themselves when on the ball. Despite good intentions, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the ‘thick of thin’ things, with no time to plan the work, let alone to work the plan!

This unique 1 day course helps busy managers to step back from their usual routine and consider how they can achieve more from less in their role.
By applying the powerful techniques presented, managers will identify opportunities to create themselves additional time to focus upon the activities that will enhance both personal and team performance. We know of several managers who have completed this training and reported personal time savings of up to 40% - that’s 2 days per week!

Topics covered include:

•Key Changes, Priorities & Actions
•Managing or Leading?
•Impact of Leadership Style
•The Focus > Energy Matrix
•Managing Priorities: Efficient or Effective?
•What’s Waiting For You…?
•Rules of Monkey Management
•Action Planning

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