Generating Income from Renewables

With the announcement of the rates payable under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) from April 2010 and the consultation on the Renewable Heat Incentive due from June 2011, interest in Renewable Energy is at an all time high.

This one day non-technical training course covers:-

* Solar Water Heating
* Wood Fuel Heating
* Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps
* Solar Photovoltaics
* Small to Medium Scale Wind
* Energy Policy and Planning
* Economics

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

* Understand the basics of how each renewable energy technologly works
* Distinguish between the main types of renewable energy technology and what each can do
* Identify which might be the most appropriate technology for any given scenario
* Calculate the likely income stream from the FIT and potential income stream from the RHI
* Make a simple payback calculation for each technology

The course costs 245 plus VAT which includes the training, a copy of the presentations, a delegate information pack, lunch & refreshments, and a certificate of attendance.

10% discount for bookings completed online 4 weeks before

For more information call the Training department at NEF on 01908 256904 or email

Guide Price: 245 per day

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Environmental »

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