AIIM Electronic Records Management (ERM) 4 day Master Class

The ERM Practitioner program (What is ERM?)
(12 online modules or 2 day training class)

The new and improved ERM Practitioner program covers the lifecycle of records and related concepts such as classification schemes, metadata, security, retention, and disposal. The new course also includes changes in the vendor landscape; increased focus on email capture and retention; expanded focus on new content types such as wikis and blogs; and new best practices and standards. The course also provides additional focus on taxonomies; migration technologies for moving away from shared drives; auto-categorisation to develop and maintain taxonomies, and auto-classification to extract metadata.

Records management terminology and principles
Lifecycle of records, with focus on electronic records
Sources of records and appropriate capture mechanisms
Current metadata standards and guidelines
Concepts of classification and different approaches depending on local business needs
Search, retrieval and presentation
Levels of access control and permissions
Retention and disposition
Records management technologies
Technologies such as SharePoint, ECM and ERM for managing electronic records
Electronic records storage
Digital preservation techniques
The ERM Specialist program (How to implement ERM?)
(11 online modules or 2 day training class)

The ERM Specialist Certificate Program covers global best practices for ERM implementation according to ISO 15489-2 and related processes such as Business and Systems analysis, Developing a Business Case, Business and System Requirements, Project Management, and Roll out. You will also gain knowledge on advanced topics including Enterprise ERM and Emerging Issues. We do recommend that you take the ERM Practitioner course before starting the ERM Specialist course.

To manage an ERM program consisting of several coordinated projects
To identify the stackholders of an ERM program
How to carryout business and technology assessments
To develop a business case for ERM
To identify business and system requirements for the ERM system
To understand information governance
To identify records management policies and procedures
How to design records management policies
How to design records technology solutions
To understand model offices and pilot implementations
To define and explain the project work products for ERM implementation
To understand what is meant by benefits realisation
To understand discovery and disclosure activities
How to address trans-jurisdictional records management issues
Understand records management issues with email, mobile communication devices and E2.0 technologies

The ERM Master program (Putting it all together)
(4 day training class)

The ERM Master Certificate Program comprises the main elements from the above strategic workshop and certificate programs in addition to a case study exercise. The course provides complete coverage of electronic records management for professionals working in both the public and private sector. After the 4 day Master is completed you have 6 months 24/7 online acess to the online exam and you submit a case study to the AIIM education board

Participants will use their newly gained knowledge to plan, design, and implement an ERM project based on case study exercises and expertise learned from the Strategic, Practitioner, and Specialist Course programs.

Online ERM Practitioner e-learning bundle
Online ERM Specialist e-learning bundle

Classroom courses
2 day ERM Practitioner Class 24th - 25th April 2012 Amsterdam
4 day Master Class 24th - 27th April 2012 Amsterdam

For further deatils please contact Angela on 01905 727606 or email

All AIIM courses are availble as Public classes - Private onsite classes and Online

Guide Price: AIIM Members Fee 4 day Master 1650.00 + VAT or 2195 Euro Online e-learning bun

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