This course is structured to enable participants to carry out suitable and sufficient DSE assessments and to correct most problems immediately at little or no cost. Participants will learn how to assess the workstation itself and the work being undertaken by the DSE user. Hot desking and the flexible use of the workstation will also be included in this practical straightforward hands on training.
What our participants will learn –

- To understand the requirements of the DSE Regulations and appreciate the potential problems that could be caused by the use of DSE equipment

- How RSI’s and WRULD’s are caused and what can be done to rectify them and reduce the risk of injury

- How to be able to carry out effective DSE assessments

- How to correct most problems identified immediately or record any remedial actions required for remedial action

- How to be able to answer queries and questions from people being assessed

- The requirements concerning the use of Lap tops and similar devices

What our participants will have the knowledge to do –

- Explain the assessment procedure and determine if the DSE user has any work related problems that need rectification

- Address employees posture and ergonomic issues and habits and provide advice on any changes that may be required to reduce the risk of injury

- Assess any compliance problems and assist the DSE user with chair adjustment and ergonomic and postural requirements

- Assess the use of the monitor/screen to determine the correct height, the freedom from flicker and instability, employee aware of brightness contrast and the provision of suitable and sufficient software etc

- Determine good keyboard/mouse techniques and use and the establishment of a correct workstation set up

- Assess desk height, space and desk management and offer advice and determine any remedial action required

- Explain their employers eye test and corrective appliance policy/requirements

- Consider local environment issues, lighting, ventilation, humidity, temperature, space, cable management, screen glare and clear access and egress to and from workstations

- Understand the requirements concerning the safe use of lap tops and similar alpha numeric or graphic display equipment

- Course assessment and certification

Who should attend this course? –

- Staff who undertake DSE assessments

- Managers of staff who undertake DSE assessments because the responsibility of implementing any remedial action arising from the DSE assessments is that of the relevant manager

To be confirmed

9.30 - 4.30


Bellamy House,
Wilkes Street,
West Midlands
WV13 2BS

01902 609674
email - whasac@btconnect.com

All inclusive fee of £99. Fee includes all course materials and DSE handbook, certification, quality refreshments and a great lunch….just bring yourself!

Guide Price: £99.00 Inclusive

Delivery: Classroom
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