Mindfulness Retreat and Distance Learning programme for stress reduction & wellbeing

Mindfulness for stress reduction and wellbeing: Meditation Retreat and Distance Learning Course for beginners.

You will benefit from:

2 introductory days of supportive, professional guidance in a small group, covering a variety of Mindfulness meditation and movement practices, teaching calm, centred awareness of body, breath, thoughts and feelings.

A comprehensive workbook and practice CDs, enabling you to continue your practice at home at times that suit you.

Up to 2 hours' worth of 1:1 telephone support from your tutor, helping you to get the best out of your course

A follow-up retreat day to deepen and consolidate your practice and ensure that the benefits of Mindfulness truly become part of your life.

The retreat days will be held at the Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Somerset,a peaceful rural retreat centre where you can truly relax and focus on your practice without distractions. They will also include reflective time, readings and group discussion. There is no religious element to the programme.

The retreats can be residential or non-residential depending upon preference, and will be held on the following dates:

Introductory weekend 4th & 5th June 2011
Follow-up retreat day Sun 10th July 2011

Course fee (includes weekend retreat and follow-up day, distance learning materials and telephone support): £275
Accommodation (arranged direct with venue) £42-£54 per night

Mindfulness is increasingly gaining popularity as a way of managing stress and anxiety, and is recognised by NICE as effective in dealing with recurrent depression. Led by an experienced facilitator, this course is based on the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) programmes developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, or for those who have some previous meditation experience but feel they might benefit from a structured, facilitated programme. It is also suitable as an introduction for coaches and therapists who are interested in exploring the benefits of Mindfulness for themselves and their clients.

Mindfulness is both a formal meditation method and an approach to day-to-day living. It teaches moment by moment relaxed awareness of breath, bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions and external impressions, helping us to stay in the “here and now” so that we are less likely to get “hooked” by upsetting past events or anxiety-provoking future projections.

Mindfulness is not a distraction technique; it allows us to recognise & accept pleasant and unpleasant experiences alike in a calm, compassionate manner, and to recognise the link between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that we are in a better position to choose an effective response, particularly at times of stress.

Course content:

2 Day Introductory Retreat (10am to 6pm, Saturday 4th June and Sunday 5th June)
Day one:
• Introduction to Mindfulness – coming off “autopilot” to be fully present
• Focusing, calming and settling – Mindfulness of Breathing
• Mindful Walking practice
• The Body Scan – developing calm awareness of body sensations
• Practising Mindfulness in Nature
• Establishing the conditions for Mindfulness
• The Three Minute Breathing Space

Day two:
• Body Scan practice
• Mindful Movement – working at our “edge”
• Taking Mindfulness into daily life– everyday Mindfulness practices
• Seated Mindfulness meditation
• Cultivating compassion towards ourselves and others
• Staying present with challenging thoughts and feelings
• Ideas on continuing your practice at home & overcoming obstacles to practice

You will receive a step-by-step workbook with accompanying CDs, so that you can develop your meditation practice at home at times to suit you. Your tutor will provide telephone support to discuss progress and answer any queries you may have.

Follow-up Retreat Day (10am to 4.30pm Sunday 10th July 2011):

• Mindfulness of Breathing practice
• Reflections on our practice since the introductory retreat
• Silent retreat time with guided practice of the main Mindfulness meditations
• Cultivating Compassion – LovingKindness meditation
• Considerations for future practice

Guide Price: £275 plus accommodation

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