Brazilian Portuguese Advanced

What topics are covered by the course?

Present Subjunctive 1 - Formas regulares e irregulares
Verbs relating to wishes, doubts and feelings + "que"
Demonstrative Pronouns + adverbs (de lugar)
Present Subjunctive 2 - Expressões impessoais + que
Present Subjunctive 3 - Subjuntivo com certas conjunções: para que, embora, até que, etc.
Imperfect Subjunctive - Forma e uso; Oraçoes condicionais.
Future Subjunctive - Forma e uso; Tempos compostos.
Infinitivo Pessoal
Verbo haver na forma impessoal
Orações Condicionais
Pronome relativo: que, quem, onde; cujo, cuja...
Discurso indireto
Regras de acentuação
A grafia do Porquê
Formação de palavras

Who should attend?

students with an advanced level of Portuguese

What will I be able to do on completion?

They will complete level C1.1

How will I be assessed?

the teacher will assess students over the phone prior to the start of the course

Thursday 13 October to Thursday 15 December (10 weeks, 15 hours) from 6 to 7:30pm

Guide Price: £190

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Portuguese »
Duration: 10 weeks

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