Brazilian Portuguese Advanced

What topics are covered by the course?

Present Subjunctive 1 - Formas regulares e irregulares
Verbs relating to wishes, doubts and feelings + "que"
Demonstrative Pronouns + adverbs (de lugar)
Present Subjunctive 2 - Expressões impessoais + que
Present Subjunctive 3 - Subjuntivo com certas conjunções: para que, embora, até que, etc.
Imperfect Subjunctive - Forma e uso; Oraçoes condicionais.
Future Subjunctive - Forma e uso; Tempos compostos.
Infinitivo Pessoal
Verbo haver na forma impessoal
Orações Condicionais
Pronome relativo: que, quem, onde; cujo, cuja...
Discurso indireto
Regras de acentuação
A grafia do Porquê
Formação de palavras

Who should attend?

students with an advanced level of Portuguese

What will I be able to do on completion?

They will complete level C1.1

How will I be assessed?

the teacher will assess students over the phone prior to the start of the course

Thursday 15 October to Thursday 17 December (10 weeks, 15 hours) from 7.35 to 9.05pm

Guide Price: £190

Delivery: Classroom
Category: Portuguese »
Duration: 10 weeks

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