Digital SLR2

Hands-on workshop with expert tuition, you will have the opportunity to take professional looking photographs, using all the key features of your camera. There will be a maximum of 10 students per tutor.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your camera so that you can take total control of your photography. The day includes two practical photography sessions and an opportunity to review your images. This course is ideal for anyone who has an understanding of depth of field but wants to expand their skills.

Building on your skills we will show you how to use all your creative modes on your Digital SLR camera. This will give you an excellent foundation to create your own photography style and expand on your skills. If you feel this course is to advanced then try our entry level Digital SLR1 course.

What You Will Learn
•Exposure in depth – how your camera sees light, how to get correctly exposed images using Histograms and when Exposure Bracketing can be useful
•How to change perspective to improve the background of your shots
•An in-depth look at Aperture, Shutter Speed and use of ISO
•Shooting in Shutter Priority for creative control of movement, e.g. waterfalls and deliberately blurred movement and how to avoid problems
•Shooting in Manual mode and when it can help you
•Focus modes and which one to choose
•Autofocus for moving subjects from children at play to sports and action
•The problems of focusing in low light

Guide Price: From £70

Delivery: Classroom
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