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XLR8ís Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) training is available to individuals who wish to persue a career as a Drving Instructor. You will find our training structured but flexible around your personal circumstances and we will not only teach you how to pass your tests but will also assist you in the minefield of setting up your own business.

Unlike many ADI training schools, we give you no guarantees of earning excessive incomes or bold statements that you will pass first time, although what we do offer is an honest, up to date and realistic program that gives you the best chance of success. According to the DSA only 30% of Potential Driving Instructorsís (PDI) pass and become fully qualified ADIís so making the commitment to the training holds no guarantees and it takes a lot of hard work.

During your training, you will receive all the necessary training materials and tools required to teach learners alongside assistance and support in deveoping your business plan. All of your training will be on a one to one basis across all 3 modules unless you request otherwise. You will also have access to as much phone and email support as you need at no extra cost.

In order to be accepted onto our training program, you will need to have held your driving license for more than 4 years, and to be an ADI the DSA request that you are over 21 years of age and able to pass an Enhanced CRB Check.

We do not guarantee to accept every training request as we believe that in order for you to be a sucessful driving instructor with a sucessful driving school business then you need to possess a number of key skills. We will be looking specifically for commitment levels, customer service and interpersonal skills.

If you are already a PDI and require extra help to get you through your Part II or Part III then we can also help you. We offer a free initial assessment at whatever stage you come to us at. From there we can develop a program around your individual requirements.

Our prices are reflective of the service and training you will receive and is always on a Pay As You Go basis. There are no up front costs, meaning if you change your mind or circumstances change where you can no longer continue training then you are not tied in.

If you opt to train elsewhere you may find that you pay for training that you donít necessarily need i.e. for your Part I Theory Test you could pay up to £500 with some organisations but with our ADI training your Part I training is Free! For your Part II you could be paying for 20 hours of lessons where you might only need 10!

So if you want the best chance of not only passing your ADI tests but getting the best head start in creating your own successful business then either call us or visit our website www.xlr8-wales.co.uk.

Guide Price: £35 per hour - Pay as you Go

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