City & Guilds 6129 Level 2 Home Study Course

City and Guilds 6129 Level 2 on a flexi-study basis over as little 8 weeks and as long 3 years. This course is ideal for those wishing to enter the plumbing industry and for those with only basic practical experience. Many students advance from the City & Guilds 6129 Level 2 onto their NVQ Level 2 in Plumbing (qualifying them as plumbers).

Spreading the course over this period allows our trainers to fully train you in all the areas within the syllabus, as well as area that are not (such as quoting, marketing, accountancy etc), whilst working at the same time.

Whilst studying at home, you have access to expert assessors during the day and evening (to 8pm), practice exam papers to ensure you're ready for the real examinations as well as a host of other tools.

This course takes in a wide variety of practical and theory, ranging from air cupboards to bathroom suites, to drainage and lead work. Full details on the course contents are shown under practical and theory tabs below.

Our course also provides additional extras;

* Membership to The Guild of Master Plumbers (
* Free WRAS Examination -become an approved plumber for your local water authority
* Free Limited Company Setup, Free Accounting advice for a full year.
* Upon succesful completion we will register you with Cedar Asset Management, one of the UK's largest property maintenance companies. You will receive work direct from their U.K. wide centres.

Ref Task Competence
S-1A Kinetic lifting
S1B Lifting equipment
S-2 Safe use of ladders
S-3 Safe use of stand steps
S4 Safe use of mobile scaffolds
S-5A Safe assembly of LPG equipment
S-5B Safe use of LPG equipment
S-6 Fire fighting
S-7A Hazardous materials - sheet lead
S-7B Hazardous materials - asbestos
S-7C Hazardous materials - solvents
S-8 Working safely with hand tools
S-9 Working safely with power tools

Copper Tube
Ref Task Competence
CT-1 Copper Tube Component Positions
CT-2 Copper Tube Fixing Positions
CT-3 Copper Tube Pipe Fitting and Dimensions
CT-4 Copper Tube Pipe Fitting and Dimensions
CT-5 Copper Tube Marking and Cutting
CT-6A Copper Tube Machine Bending
CT-6B Copper Tube Machine Bending (2)
CT-6C Copper Tube Machine Bending (3)
CT-7 Copper Tube Jointing & Testing
CT-8 Copper Tube Making Fixings
CT-9 Copper Tube Fabrication and Installation

Plastic Pipework
Ref Task Competence
PP-1 Soil and Waste Pipe Fitting and Dimensions
PP-2 Soil and Waste Fabrication and Installation
PP-3 Rainwater system
PP-4 Pressure pipe pipe & fitting dimensions

Air Testing
Ref Task Competence
AT-1 Air test - soil pipe

Low Carbon Steel (LCS)
Ref Task Competence
SP-1 LCS pipe & fitting requirements
SP-2 LCS component positions
SP-3 LCS fixing positions
SP-4 LCS pipe & fitting dimensions
SP-5 LCS marking & cutting
SP-6A LCS machine bending (1)
SP-6B LCS machine bending (2)
SP-7 LCS jointing & testing
SP-8 LCS fabrication & installation

Sheet Lead Weathering
Ref Task Competence
SW-1 Sheet lead identifying components
SW-2 Sheet lead measuring components
SW-3 Sheet lead cutting lead
SW-4 Sheet lead forming components
SW-5 Sheet lead lead slate
SW-6 Sheet lead chimney weathering set
SW-7 Basic maintenance

Airing Cupboard Installation
Ref Task Competence
AC-1 Airing cupboard storage cistern
AC-2 Airing cupboard hot water cylinder

Bathroom Installation
Ref Task Competence
BI-1 Bathroom WC suite
BI-2 Bathroom Bath
BI-3 Bathroom Basin
BI-4 Bathroom Radiator
BI-5 Bathroom Combi Jig

Ref Task Competence
DC-1 Decom hot & cold water system
DC-2 Decom sanitation system

Routine Maintenance
Ref Task Competence
RM-1 Maintenance pillar tap and float valve
RM-2 Maintenance shower mixer valve
RM-3 Maintenance radiator valve
RM-4 Maintenance WC siphon

Environmental Awareness
Ref Task Competence
EA-1 Economic use of materials

Temporary Continuity Bonding
Ref Task Competence
TB-1 Application of temporary earth bonding


Safety in Plumbing Activities


Key Plumbing Principles


Common Plumbing Processes


Cold Water Systems


Domestic Hot Water Systems


Sanitation Systems


Central Heating Systems (pipe work only)


Electrical Supply & Earthing


Sheet Lead Weathering


Environmental Awareness


Effective Working Relations

Guide Price: 2995.00 (495 deposit, 100 per month)

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